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Harlem Yacht Club’s J24 Hoxie Regatta 2015

August 25, 2015

Contributor: Race Chairman, Philip Swanton
Editor: WWB

This regatta took place on August 15th with 7 boats on the line. There were three races and the regatta was won by Surcease II with Kevin Sailor at the helm. Full results are available on the

The first race was challenging as the sea breeze filled in on the last leg and flipped some places. Then there was a steady and more predictable wind for the next two races.

Paul Beaudin of Doyle Sailmakers did double duty, providing the RC boat, setting up the race course and then crewing for Kevin while his wife, Wendy Weinberg Beaudin and Ellen Murphy did RC. Robin Ricca of Ricca Autobody once again supported this event by sponsoring the post race beer. Roy Smith and HYC sponsored the post race food.

Thanks to all of them and to HYC for hosting this event and thank you to all those who participated.


Harlem Yacht Club’s Ben Bates Regatta 2015

August 24, 2015

Contributor: Race Chairman, Philip Swanton.
Editor: WWB

This year, we reformatted the regatta to be the Ben Bates Doublehanded Regatta with three races scheduled. The regatta took place on June 27th with four boats on a blustery day that challenged all.

J24 Jeepers, with our commodore at the helm, took the series. Full results are posted at

Thank you Kevin Sailor, who volunteered his time and single handed race “committee”.

HYC’s Old Salts’ (f*rts) Lunching, Sailing, G&T, and Generally Playing Hooky Club

August 12, 2015

Submitted by PC Mark C.

Retirement at sixty-five is ridiculous. When I was sixty-five I still had pimples. ~George Burns

At a certain point in life one gets tired of wakes, buzzing jet skis, and, well.….working. It’s about then that the idea occurs to you, enough of being the busy ant, it’s time to find one’s inner grasshopper and fiddle around; it’s time to go messing about in boats. And that’s just when HYC’s Old Salts (politically correct for F*rts) Wednesday Lunching, G&T, and Generally Playing Hooky Club comes into your life.  

Men (and Women) do not quit playing because they grow old; they grow old because they quit playing. ~Oliver Wendell Holmes

Sailing in the midweek is a delight. All the aforementioned noisemakers are busy earning the where-with-all to keep making their weekend racket, leaving the bay open for few good companions to join in conversation and pursue a meandering course around Western Sound seeking the perfect Gin and Tonic at the end of the day. Nowhere to go, nothing to do, the only imperative being to spend the day well.  

There’s never enough time to do all the nothing you want. ~Bill Watterson, Calvin and Hobbes

And that’s what we do. Every Wednesday, rain or shine, lunch at noonish, and sailing after. The weather has been good to us this year. When it’s been rainy on Monday and Tuesday, the clouds part on Wednesday. When it’s been hot on the land, the Sound has had a cool sea breeze. When calms have blanketed the bay at noon, by three a steady breeze has come up.  

Join us if you’re retired, semi-retired, or just plain playing hooky for the day. All are welcome.

PC Mark C

HYC Club Cruise – Days 14 & 15, August 7th & 8th – Port Jeff LI to Northport LI

August 9, 2015

Submitted by member Roger K.

FullSizeRenderILENE hauled anchor at 10:45 and was passed by North Star only about two miles outside PJ inlet. Waves from aft gave North Star a roly ride. The wind was broad on ILENE’s starboard quarter and while only about 10 knots true, was strong enough to push us on a course close to the entrance to Huntington Bay. There we jibed and continued sailing until the narrow, well marked entrance to Northport Bay.  Another good sailing day with enough time to go slow. We were on our mooring at three.

We saw North Star, a few moorings away and chatted a while in the Centerport YC bar with PC Bruce and Dianne, before taking the launch to town to explore. Another postcard run.

The Centerport YC is on a peninsula projecting northward into Northport Bay. Centerport Harbor is on the west side and Northport Harbor is on the east side of the peninsula, but both Northport and Centerport YCs are in Northport Harbor, which is nicely protected by high hills on with sides. There is a channel between them, visible in this picture taken from Seymour’s Dock.

We learned that Dana and Ellen of Frabjous were on a mooring here. But it was an evening when everyone did their own thing, with the big dinner celebration the next night. Unfortunately, Frabjous had to go to Seacliff YC on the 8th, so we did not have the opportunity to break bread with them. The water’s surface was still as a morgue and the heat of the day switched into a light blanket night.

On the lay day our group was enlarged by the arrival of No News with Ken and Camille, last seen several days ago, and “Sangaris” with PC Craig and Katherine and PC Irwin as well as their friend Bill, who had made great time up from Florida in the past three weeks. Also in our party at dinner were Doug and Heddy of “Hurley” and Walt and Rita of “Into The Mystic”. These Harlemites joined us by land, not by sea. We all enjoyed the company of each other in the dining room of the elegant Centerport YC, which provides excellent service. They printed up a special menu for us. But I have to tell ya, the food is better at the Harlem.

We met two other former Harlemites who were at the club on their boats: Rick, who has joined the Norwalk YC after moving to Connecticut, and Bruce and Linda of “J-Erica” with the Huguenot YC.

Another blissfully peaceful night to sleep aboard.

HYC Club Cruise – Day 13, August 6 — Milford, CT to Port Jeff, NY – 17 Miles!

August 9, 2015

Submitted by member Roger K.

IMG_2370Tides were favorable in the afternoon so after buying a quart of milk and a postcard for my wonderful grand daughter, ILENE left at 11:45 for a leisurely sail across the Sound, anchoring in the huge anchorage just inside and west of the Port Jeff inlet. North Star had a hankering for lobster and hence took a mooring at the Setauket YC, near town. They left before us. On our way out we stopped to fuel up and got hailed by Dana on “Frabjous”. They will be joining us in Centerport.IMG_2368

It was a day made for sailing. We had plenty of time to go 17 miles and sailed the distance in light wind. Too often we cruisers have miles to go and do the math to conclude that at the speed over ground that the wind will give us, we can’t get from here to there before dark without a motor assist. But today we put up sails before clearing Charles Island and headed south, close hauled on starboard, across the Sound, only about ten degrees off the rhumb line to the way point. Then tacked and sailed to the mouth of the inlet. Anchored is 22 feet of water at near high tide with northerlies of only ten knots expected tonight on 80 feet of snubbed chain. But it is near dead calm.IMG_2367

Home cooking tonight and blissful solitude. Attempts to watch the political debate were unsuccessful so we will have to read about it tomorrow. There is room for about a hundred boats here and only three are present, as these sunset photos show.

And Alpfie Girl’s attitude is “What me worry?”


HYC Club Cruise – Days 11 & 12, August 4th & 5th – Westport to Milford for Lay Day

August 9, 2015

Submitted by member Roger K.

Had a bit of trouble backing off from the Westport dock, backing the stern to starboard in order to get out. A bit more wind than I had thought, but no harm done. ILENE motor sailed south, past the east side of Duck Island before tacking to the west. I had hoped to clear east of Fishers Island and its shoals on their south side, but there was too much west in the SW, and we had to clear that obstacle on its north side before tacking south again. This time Lene intelligently pointed out that the wind was too light to make the sailing part of motor sailing worth the game and so after a bit more, we headed west, just on the edge of being able to sail. So it was a motoring day until the last fifteen minutes, when the wind came more southerly and we close reached with the engine at idle speed.

North Star had passed us early, much closer to shore, and we were assigned a slip very near her. But a failure of communications and Lene commenced the turn to port into the slip too late. We missed the assigned slip and were floating sideways, north, to the shallow end of the Milford Landing Marina. Not a problem. North Star and ILENE were the only boats in the marina (two more came in the next day) so we just pulled in to number 13 instead of number 7. Perils of Pauline!

Underway from 9:45 to 2:45.

Next up was a party with North Star and Stu and Barbara, who came by car from Westport. We had a big round table with six chairs in a shady public spot, lots of food and wine, and the enjoyment of renewing old friendships. It was one of the high points of this cruise, in my opinion. Bruce and Stu are Past Commodores and senior to me in the Club and I joined in 1990. Everyone present except Lene and Barbara knew Stu’s late wife, Deena. And everyone except possibly Barbara knew my ex, Dorothy. So we all go back a ways but never fail to enjoy retelling old stories of funny and exciting moments from past cruises. This is not to say that newbie cruisers would be unwelcome. Indeed, they would be most welcome.

Another quiet night, but from a side port, when I went to the head at midnight, I saw the visuals of a big thunderstorm over Long Island. Too far to be heard, but quite the light show.

During the lay day, we had more visitors by car. Joan and Jerry drove up and had lobster rolls for lunch at the Milford YC with Bruce and Diane. Lene got a haircut in the AM, and we had lunch with a classmate of hers from Lincoln HS at a local eatery before I gave ILENE’s top sides a thorough scrubbing.

Dinner aboard.

HYC Club Cruise Day 10 – August 3 – Lay Day in Westport, CT

August 9, 2015

Submitted by member Roger K.:

We all shared Mango-blueberry-sweet potato pancakes and bacon with our morning coffee. This was cooked, except the coffee, on ILENE, and eaten on Blast due to cat allergies.

Then Camille and Lene went to market.
Ernie did a repair to one of Blast’s heads, a long nasty job. This was Blast’s last day with us; they are off to an Albin boaters gathering in Essex and will rejoin us at City Island.
On ILENE, two much smaller projects got done: hauled up in the bosn’s chair to the first spreader to insert the new burgee halyard through its block, and replaced the mostly corroded sink [last letter of alphabet still not available!] of the refrigerator’s condenser.

North Star went swimming in the late morning while the others visited the pool for swimming and reading in mid afternoon, except Lene who remained aboard using the free wifi to catch up with Jon Stewart.

Heard from “Sangaris” that this beautiful fast Amel is already in Annapolis and will most probably get to the Club on Friday and to the final cruise dinner Saturday night in Centerport.

Dinner today was at Bill’s seafood nearby this 900 slip marina. There was a sixteen piece “big band” composed of local musicians, playing dance music for those so inclined. Rain is predicted tonight and big winds tomorrow during our sail to Milford where we expect to be joined by Stu and Barbara, coming by auto.