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Harlem Yacht Club’s Treat Race 2015 – Challenging But Fun For All!

September 29, 2015

This year’s edition of one of the Harlem Yacht Club’s most historic races, the competition for the Sydney C. Treat and Sydney J. Treat Trophies, drew a full fleet of 12 boats and some truly perservering – and fun-loving – crew.

The race committee boat, captained by Fleet Surgeon Dr. CJ Li and his mate Jenny (also “official race photographer”), with moral support from Maria Mangione, set a start line by the EBYRA “R” buoy near Weir Creek and awaited the fleet.

With a light east-southeasterly blowing, intermittently at first, the seven starters in Division 1, competing for the “Sydney J.,” started on a course to nun “46A,” followed by the Cuban Ledge buoy, then to the “A” mark near Throgs Neck, and on to the finish. Last year’s winner, Annandale, with Peter Trunfio and Leslie Brough aboard, took off with a nice breeze and never looked back! They were first-to-finish and easily held their time over the second place finisher, Still Crazy, helmed by PC Tony Rosco. The wind, though remaining present, kept lightening, forcing the rest of the division to hold their breath in hope of finishing before the three-hour time limit, and thanks to their efforts, they all did so. It was a treat to watch the little Andromeda, sailed by Drexel Harris (in his first race ever) chasing down the 40-foot Thai Hot (with a philosophically resigned crew headed by PC Bob and Laura Fleno) to the finish line and correcting over the bigger boat.

The race for the “Sydney C.,” was a match between four J/24s, Wow (double-handed by Herman Cardona and Ron Mangione), Seven Seas (with Hideki Hayashihara and his son), Jeepers (with Commodore Jeep Califano at the helm), and Trinity (Philip Swanton and Jill Rubenstein), sailing a slightly longer course than the cruising boats.Trinity grabbed the lead and held it, though followed very closely over the entire course by Jeepers.

Racing was followed that evening by the traditional HYC Pasta Night, making for a full, fun-filled day for race participants.

– Dave and Sharynne Wilder, HYC Treat Race RCs

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