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Harlem Yacht Club’s Full Moon Rendezvous, August 29, 2015

September 29, 2015

I had heard very little chatter leading up to the Full Moon Rendezvous scheduled for Saturday, August 29th, so I was therefore not too surprised to find there were only two boats at Red “2” Fl R 4s (“Big Tom”) at the appointed departure time of 1430: Thai Hot (PC & Laura F., with guests Paul, Jim & Jane), and Annandale (RC Peter T. & Lesley B.).

What little breeze there was, was on the nose as we stared motor-sailing out east. As we past Execution Rocks, we heard Andromeda (Drexel H., with son Jason & Jason’s girlfriend, Lisa) hail Thai Hot to say that they had just slipped their mooring and were heading out to Cold Spring Harbor. Then, as we crossed the expansive entrance to Hempstead Harbor, the breeze filled in from the south. Next thing I knew we had unfurled the jib and were moving along at 7+ kts on a nice beam reach. We rode that all the way to Green C “17” before hardening up and sailing straight into Oyster Bay. We sailed all the way down into Cold Spring Harbor before furling the jib and starting the engine…just as Thai Hot was setting the anchor for the raft up.

There was quite a large raft-up of boats from Sewanhaka Yacht Club further south. There was also a small group of three boats, in close to shore. PC Fleno asked the crew of Annandale to go investigate to see if they were part of our group. As previously stated, I hadn’t heard any chatter prior to the event, so I was skeptical…but went to investigate as instructed. I was pleasantly surprised to see Leeds the Way (PC Mark & Marcia L.) rafted up with Shanghai (CJ. & Jenny L.) & Julie de la Mer (Barry & Julie, friends of Mark & Marcia from the Huntington Yacht Club).

They broke up and we all headed over to join the “new” raft up, with Thai Hot on center. As we were forming the raft-up, two more boats approached from the north: Adagio (former member Vince Pirone & Suki, with two guest on board), and Chandi Nerissa (Euguene B. & son David). Once all the boats were secured, hors d’oeuvers were brought out and adult beverages were served.

At 1932, PC Fleno fired a cannon signalling sunset. Soon thereafter the full moon started to rise in the east…a bright orange orb rising over the bluffs in Cold Spring.

About that same time we noticed two small white orbs rising in the north. Turns out one was the steaming light on the mast of Andromeda, whom we were expecting. The other was the steaming light of Fantasy (Senior Member Howard Rose, Anne, and a guest). Andromeda joined the raft up, making a total of eight boats. Fantasy chose to anchor out on their own, just aft of the raft up…bringing our total to nine boats.

At this point the serious food started to make its way into the cockpit on Thai Hot. There were the requisite meat & cheese platters, shrimp cocktail, etc. Soon cold steak, potato salad, and a watermelon & feta cheese salad followed. Then the hot food started coming off the grill (shrimp, sausage & sliders).

There was a slight chill in the air, so people were putting on shells or fleece (but great sleeping weather). As the evening wore on, people started making their way back to their own boats. The last of the holdouts broke up the party at about 0145.

The next morning there was swimming and more food. Boats started peeling off around 1000…with little breeze to speak off. The breeze did start to fill in from the north…but after motoring out of Cold Spring Harbor, we found that the Sound itself was a mill pond. We started motoring west for an hour or so before the wind once again, filled in from the south. We were treated to a spirited sail back to HYC.

I have to say that I was very pleasantly surprised by the number of boats, members, and their guests (about 25 individuals in all) that participated in the Harlem Yacht Club’s 2015 Full Moon Rendezvous.

So a big thanks to everyone who participated. I want to especially thank the crew of Thai Hot for organizing the event, and for being such good hosts. I think a good time was had by all, and I’m already studying the full moon calendar for next year.

– PMT, Rear Commodore

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