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HYC Club Cruise Day 10 – August 3 – Lay Day in Westport, CT

August 9, 2015

Submitted by member Roger K.:

We all shared Mango-blueberry-sweet potato pancakes and bacon with our morning coffee. This was cooked, except the coffee, on ILENE, and eaten on Blast due to cat allergies.

Then Camille and Lene went to market.
Ernie did a repair to one of Blast’s heads, a long nasty job. This was Blast’s last day with us; they are off to an Albin boaters gathering in Essex and will rejoin us at City Island.
On ILENE, two much smaller projects got done: hauled up in the bosn’s chair to the first spreader to insert the new burgee halyard through its block, and replaced the mostly corroded sink [last letter of alphabet still not available!] of the refrigerator’s condenser.

North Star went swimming in the late morning while the others visited the pool for swimming and reading in mid afternoon, except Lene who remained aboard using the free wifi to catch up with Jon Stewart.

Heard from “Sangaris” that this beautiful fast Amel is already in Annapolis and will most probably get to the Club on Friday and to the final cruise dinner Saturday night in Centerport.

Dinner today was at Bill’s seafood nearby this 900 slip marina. There was a sixteen piece “big band” composed of local musicians, playing dance music for those so inclined. Rain is predicted tonight and big winds tomorrow during our sail to Milford where we expect to be joined by Stu and Barbara, coming by auto.

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