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The HYC Club Boat Programs Proves a Resounding Success!

July 21, 2015

Submitted by Dave and Sharynne Wilder: 


We’re very pleased to say how satisfied we are with the progress of Harlem Yacht Club’s Club Boat Program. With a total of nine Associate Members sailing the two club J/24s, Ska and Don’t Panic, the boats are already seeing a great deal of use including weekend day sailing, evening sails and the entry of Ska in the HYC Twilight Series, with Julie Androshick  at the helm and Sharynne Wilder on foredeck.

New Associates qualifying this season to check out the boats are: Jim Cusick, Julie Androshick, Matt and Megan Stainback, Gabe Chapman and Joe Musso. They have all proved to be excellent sailors and they have shown real enthusiasm for the sport and for the club. The bookings of the two boats are now, gratifyingly, filling the program’s Google calendar, so you’ll be seeing these guys around the clubhouse a lot. We’ve already had the pleasure of good sailing conversations at the bar over the inevitable Dark ‘n’ Stormies.

We’d like to thank all of them for their efforts in support of the program. In particular, major contributions, in terms of hours spent on maintenance and preparation for launching, have been made by Bruce Burnett, a program participant since last season (and his brother Dave), Jim Cusick and Gabe Chapman. Julie Androshick is also be thanked for helping out with bottom-cleaning. We know that Matt, Megan and Joe will be pitching in when we need them.

The Club Program’s Capri 14, managed by PC Bruce Lages, will be the next boat to see a lot of time on the water, with Gabe Chapman, and us, being checked out this weekend.

See you all on the water!

Dave and Sharynne Wilder

Photo: Joe Musso heading for the mooring aboard Ska

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