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Membership Meeting and International Night 1/31/15

February 2, 2015

Commodore Jeep writes:DSC_0026Jeep

We had a well attended membership meeting during which we introduced committee assignments and new board members.


  • Treasurer Bob F. managed to save trees by having a single page Treasurer’s report. Even better it was readily understandable!
  • Everyone was intensely interested in the status of contracting a new steward. Restaurant Chairman, Bill C., gave a succinct and positive report. Our primary candidate is a very competent chef and seems to fully understand the club’s needs.
  • Mark C., our most recent PC and our new Dock Master, outlined substantial projects for this year including a new gazebo, replacing the launch house, railings, electricity, lights and organizing the dingy docks.
  • We are forming a new task force to coordinate Membership, Marketing and Business Development.
  • There were several proposals to amend the by-laws and one motion that is being carried over until next meeting addressing the cost of GIC and GOC. Please read the meeting minutes when they are published for more of the details.
  • Membership Chair Bob O. reported on the NY Boat Show. He thanked everyone for their help. There were a good number of people interested in becoming members. We will be having three open house events which will be tied in with dinner theme nights with our new steward. Look for the details as there will be great food!DSC_0018

Following the membership meeting, we had a great crowd for  International Night. Thank you to all for making this another very successful event. Our members really know the finer points of good food. The new format of appetizers then entrees and desert worked nicely, giving everyone a chance to mingle and talk.


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