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Annandale takes a division third LYC’s Leukemia Cup!

September 11, 2014

2014 LYC Leukemia Cup PHRF Non-Spin Crew 2014-09-062014 LYC Leukemia Cup PHRF Non-Spin 2014-09-06

Annandale, representing Harlem Yacht Club, took a division third last weekend in Larchmont Yacht Club’s annual Leukemia Cup charity event. Annandale’s Skipper, Peter Trunfio shared the following report:

13 boats participated in the PHRF Division distance race (12.82nm): PHRF-Spinnaker (7), PHRF-Double-handed (1), and PHRF Non-Spinnaker (5).

Annandale took 3rd in the PHRF Non-Spinnaker class, 7th overall, beating a J/80 spinnaker boat on corrected time by a mere 15 seconds.

There was some confusion at the start when the race committee posted a course with a mark that wasn’t on the scratch sheet. After a brief postponement while the RC sorted that out, we started the prep, with a single start for all PHRF boats, including a very pretty 1938 Custom Rhodes sloop (Queequeg). Despite the larger number of boats on the water, we had a great start (Tactician Jeep was upset that we were 4 seconds “late” over the line). We spent the rest of the day chasing Sojourn around the course.

Sojourn took 5th in PHRF Non-Spinnaker class, 10th overall, beating several of the spinnaker boats.

Here are the cumulative results for the regatta:

HYC was just as well represented on shore as well, with five (5) crew from Annandale and five (5) crew (and four family members) from Sojourn attending the post-race awards ceremony and pig roast.

As well as we did on the water, I’m more proud of the fact that between race entry fees, Pig Roast tickets, and raffle tickets, we contributed over $1,200 to a worthy cause.

Thanks to crew Lesley Brough, Jeep Califano, Anthony Rosco, Peter Green [and a stow-away Praying Mantis] for making this a great day on the water with a good result for a worthy cause.

Sojourn was skippered by Rick D. and crewed by Bob and Laura F. Gene B. and our very own Commodore Mark C. who reported:

A good time was had by all at the after race Pig Roast (except, of course The Pig).  It was really fun to see the LYC, complete with half model of Nerfiti on the wall.

They have a saluting cannon that looks like it could be heard in Glen Cove!

I, myself, have spent uncountable weekends at the lovely LYC and have yet to hear that canon blow however; it is the very lawn on which I met my wonderful husband so it holds a very warm place in my heart. Glad you all enjoyed!

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  1. September 12, 2014 08:14

    Congratulations to Annandale for a great race, and representing HYC at this important event!

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