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Harlem Yacht Club’s Group Sail, August 20th

August 25, 2014

Nine of us joined for lunch at the club for a few hours of sailing aboard Debut, Bryan and Angela’s Bristol and ILENE, Roger snd Ilene’s Saga. Light but pleasant winds favored us while we made grooves in the water, ILENE going as far as the East Coast of Manhasset Bay.

In addition to those mentioned above, the group included Richie, Alfred, Leona, Rhoda, Morty and Clara. Ingredients for apres sail (the adult beverage part of the day) were provided by Alfred and Leona.

The Club’s Wednesday afternoon sailing activity was organized many years ago and any member in any class is invited to participate as well as feel free to bring a few guests. Usually there are more members eager to have the others sail on their boats rather than the other way around, so it’s likely that you will be able to find a ride; however, for future Wednesdays, it’s a good idea to call someone, especially if the weather forecast is less than “perfect”.

What better way is there to spend an available Wednesday afternoon!

Submitted by: Roger Karlebach

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