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Dat Ole Man River, Harlem Yacht Club Weekly Update from Commodore Mark 7/15/14

July 15, 2014

What, another weekend, why the last one just passed!  Hope you all had a chance to take advantage of the beautiful sailing on Friday and Saturday.  The Twilight Race was well sailed, and the house band just gets better each time they play.  I hope you’ll all come out in two weeks to catch their next outing.

And be assured that in the meantime, things will keep rolling right along here at the HYC.

Here’s what’s on the horizon for the coming weekend

On  Friday we’ll have two events going all at once and simultaneously at the same time.  First, they’ll be another installment of the Dyer Dhow racing.  Come on out and get back to the basics of sailing.  It’ll be a perfect evening for it.

And Second……The River Float

Dat Ole Man River-1

Well, some things float better than others

This event is for all of you who have always wanted to do a quick passage through New York Harbor and back up to the club.  This weekend, the tides are right for a slide down the East River, an hour or two of seeing the sights, watching the harbor bustle, catching the sunset, and finishing with an enchanted return up the East River with Skyscrapers twinkling around you and back to your mooring by midnight.

PC Fleno writes:

River Float…July 18th 2014 

Our journey starts at 6:00 PM Sharp from Government Mark 46a, Proceeding between North and South Brother Islands and West of Roosevelt Is. to the Statue of Liberty. I usually set sail as I enter the Hudson.  After we get to the Statue, I will probably head up the Hudson. Please take the opportunity to leisurely ride around the area, up or down the Hudson, hang behind the statue, even anchor, (watch your depth as it will be low tide) and enjoy the relatively quiet waters, or follow Thai Hot.

The sun sets at 8:23 PM.  The Manhattan skyline lights up! At the Battery, the tide turns at 9:45 PM .  For those who want to follow us back, we will be at the North side of Governor’s Is. at 9:45 and start heading back. We should be back by midnight. I will arrange for launch services to extend until 1:00AM. If you plan to stay longer downtown, please arrange for extra launch service or stay aboard.


There is considerable ship traffic along the way, everything from barges & ferries to float planes. The Hudson by downtown has considerable wakes.

Almost everything we’ll encounter has rights over us. We will be traveling at night so make sure your navigation lights are operational and you have everything legally necessary on board.  Coast Guard/Homeland Security, NYC Marine Police, and even the Navy, if they are in town, operate in the area and boarding is not uncommon. DO NOT OVERLOAD your vessel.

I’ll be monitoring 16 and 68 when we get underway or use the cellphone 908 693-1116.

If you plan to stay longer than 10:00PM or choose to anchor overnight (Yes, you can) the next tide to get you back up the river is 9:55 Saturday AM

Invite friends and family and those that want to be along. It is truly an experience for all ages.

Please let me know or “check in” that you are coming with us. If you have “signed-up” and plan to deviate from the above schedule please inform us. I will be having a check in VHF call in on 68 at the start and at the end of the trip. If you can accommodate those without boats or would like to come and you need a ride please let me know and I’ll do what I can.”

Sounds terrific.

And on Saturday we have another Starving Artist extravaganza. Eliot Glick will be presenting Fred Lando, City Island’s own Pavarotti, and Melissa Premavera in the upstairs ballroom.  There will be a $10 music charge for members and their wives, $20 for guests (since this is not a club sponsored event, chits cannot be used for the music charge.  They can be used for food and drink though).  Make reservations through the Starving Artist, or with Johanna who will pass them along to Eliot.

And so that’s it.  Have a great weekend all, the weather looks fine.  It’s Summertime

Commodore Mark

P.S.  Mark your calendars now.  On the August 9th the Scavello IGA Off Off Off Off Broadway players will be presenting a murder mystery dinner theater.  More to follow.

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