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Harlem Yacht Club’s Spring Fling and Wine Tasting, 4/14/19

April 21, 2019

From HYC Entertainment/Restaurant Chairperson Clare Vermont:
Our Spring Fling and Wine Tasting Party kicked off the season for members and their guests with a variety of small plates from tapas and varied cheeses to seafood, carving board and pasta stations. Throughout the evening, excellent servers circulated the room offering hors d’oeuvres to the crowd while the food stations were constantly being replenished. Our wine tasting introduced the guests primarily to Spanish wines although one Bordeaux was in the mix! The mellow, musical trio set the tone for kicking back and relaxing into the season.
I would personally like to thank Anne, Kwon and all who attended for supporting this event. After all, it could never have been the party it was without each and every one of you!

L to R: Sue Herbert, Pat McGovern, Barbara Sliter & Howard Carpenter

From Rear Commodore Peter Green:
I just want to give a shout out to Clare Vermont, our Entertainment Chair, and Anne Booth Catering regarding the Spring Fling event. They juggled a wide ranging hors d’oeuvres feast / wine tasting and musical mash-up to a sell-out crowd! A fair amount of members from the other, nearby yacht clubs attended and everyone I spoke to raved about the event! This was a great kick-off to the new season. Carry on!

R to L: Two of our newest social members, Richard and Sydney Van Nort with Hedy Gort
at the abundant tapas and cheese table.

From HYC Social Member Phillis Maucieri:
Great time!

R to L: Laura Fleno, Rita Tyler, Carolyn Cancro and Howard Carpenter
R to L: Jerry Schulman, Ev Schneider & Joan Richardson at the seafood station.

From HYC Social Member Jodie Sadovsky:
It was a wonderful event!!  Anne & Clare nailed it!
Thanks so much!

Our Steward, Ann Booth and her real-life first mate, Kwon Chong of ABCatering
at Harlem Yacht Club.

Harlem Yacht Club’s Going Into Commission 2015

October 5, 2015

Board_Ceremony_PTrumfio_LBrough_IMG_0214Well this season sure flew by! Just two weeks before we have GOC, here is a collection of pictures from GIC! I am also including the sentiments that our dear Commodore Jeep delivered during the Flag Ceremony.


Members and Guests

Welcome to the 133 Harlem Yacht Club Going into Commission  and  officially starting the 133 Yachting season.

Thank –you for all the work done to get us here.  This is a half full rather than a half empty day for me and I only see all the work that has been done and the Club looks great.

On Monday I will see the image of a gazebo on the dock and the resurrected launch house and all the things we need to get done but today we are enjoying all that has been accomplished.

Standing here I can really appreciate tradition, heritage and friendship.  133 years ago and starting out in model boats, our Club graduated up to bigger boats, then hosting the first one design regatta in Star Boats in 1911, operating thru the two world wars while focusing on cruising, club and inter club races and here we are again evolving to meet the present boating environment.

When I look around I see the history and traditions so important to making us a club rather than a marina and most important I see the friendship and camaraderie.


Table 1: Commodore Jeep & Tina C., PC Mark & Linda C., PC Art & Carolyn C., Vice Commodore Robert & Joan R., Gene D.


Table 2: Jim & Dorothy B., PC Jack & Nancy C., Peter & Kate G., PC Cathy S. & Anthony R., Entertainment Chair, Kim H., Frank C.


Table 3: PC Robert & Laura F., David & Barbara F., PC Steven & Rowena L., VC Peter T. & Lesley B., Vincent C., PC Erwin E.


Table 4: PC Brian H., Drexel & Robin H., PC Charles S., Steve O. & daughter Ruby, PC Marty & Genie F.


Table 5: Walt & Rita T., Dana & Ellen L., PC Bruce & Diane L., Jerry & Joan S.


Table 6: PC Stu & Barbara R., Art & Joan K., Dave & Christine R., PC Mark & Marcia L.


Table 7: Pat M. & Sue H., Ron & Maria M., Roy S. & Ellen M., Hideki & Masumi H.


Table 8: Paul & Wendy B., Paul & Mary E., Jodie S. & Phyllis M., Commodore Robert B. (SYC), Eugene B.


Table 9: Rick P. & Claudia P., Philip S., Jill R., Dave V. & Richard G., Douglas & Hedi G.


Table 10: Mike S. & Sandy K., Lloyd & Rhoda H., John & Carmen G., Vince & Sooki P.


Table 11: Huck & Cynthia M., Richard & Lisa C., Howard & Antoinette R., Robin & Patrick B.


Table 12: Richard & Mary W., Kenneth R. & Camille C., Thomas & Julie W.


Table 13: Morty & Clara D., Jacques & Elyse B., Theordore E. & Deborah S., Greg M. & daughter Irene K.


Table 14: Dr. Chin-Ju & Jenny L., Alan & Cynthia R., Dave & Sharyn W., Sung Y.


Table 15: Stephen & Annette B., Phyllis & Anthony A., Herman C., John M. & Denis K.